enjoying the day

Today was such a beautiful sunny day. I drove down to Kirkland and walked around the waterfront. It was so peaceful and the sun felt so warm on my cheeks even though it was quite chilly out...

P.S. I booked tickets to South Korea for the end of this month! Ahhh! I can't contain my excitement! It's my first time going since I was one years old... so I basically don't remember a single thing. I will be going with my family which will make it even more memorable!

Mar 4, 2015


  1. You make PNW look like such a dream! I grew up in Puyallup so it brings me right back.

    Can't wait to see your photos of South Korea!

  2. Found your blog, my jaw dropped straight away, beautiful pictures, layout, cute name! Gosh, it's perfect! Have fun in South Korea!!

    Claire x

  3. Have a great time in South Korea x