new website!

I finally got around to redesigning my portfolio! It's still under construction, so you may run into some bugs... it's hard doing it all by myself! It can take a while to figure out even the simplest things! I am continuing to add more work and fun new projects, so please stay tuned! I am so excited because I also have a shop that will be opening on the website. There is currently one item available right now!    — Minna

Oct 29, 2014


  1. So pretty! Once again impressed by all your beautiful work :)

  2. Oh it looks great!

  3. The new site looks fantastic, and I love how the simple design really highlights your beautiful work! I just took a few minutes to browse through the site and wanted to say I especially love your photography of the Seattle area. I used to live there and it was so nice to get to see those places again.

    1. Thank you so much Diana! I actually moved back to Seattle a few weeks ago, and I am loving it! :D

  4. Minna it looks wonderful :) and congrats for all the amazing work you've done!