Hello! How is your year going so far? Have you made any progress with your goals? My main goal for this year is so cliché, and it is to "be happy"... but honestly I don't really know what that means for me. I consider myself a happy person, so I don't really understand the reason for this goal, but I think what I meant to say is that I will start doing things for me. Not in a selfish way of course, but in a way that allows me to be content with myself. I find that I do a lot of things for other people, and I always look for their praise and approval instead of my own. I never seem to be satisfied until someone says, "good job". I want to be happy with myself and what I do. I don't want to rely on other people for my happiness, but instead have them be part of my happiness... if that makes any sense! I just want you all to know that you are more then enough, and you don't need other people to show you that! Just find your own happiness and be proud to be you.    — Minna  

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Feb 4, 2014


  1. I love this post. Any time I make a wish off a fallen eyelash or throw a penny in a fountain, I wish for the most simple thing - to be happy. It covers it all :)

    hopefully I didn't jinx anything by outing my wishes!

  2. It's not cliché at all. I think my goal in life is the pursuit of happiness. I just finished the book the Happiness Project – I would highly recommend it!

    1. thank you jennifer! i'll definitely check that book out! (: