happy november

I am quite enjoying this fall weather! It hasn't been too chilly, so I can still manage to wear short
sleeve shirts, but in the mornings I usually pop on a light jacket or a beanie to keep myself warm.
This is just a typical everyday outfit for me since I pretty much go to school all day everyday.
What has been your everyday staple that you've been wearing this season?   — Minna 

Here are some other fall outfits that I have been loving:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Oh, and I wanted to say Happy November!
Another new month is here, and I know I say this every time,
but it just blows my mind how fast these weeks are going by!
I've been super busy with school and work, which explains why
I haven't been blogging as much lately! I miss it so much! I hope
you are all doing great, and I hope you have the best weekend!
Oh, and by the way, how was your Halloween?   — Minna 

Nov 1, 2013


  1. Happy November, Minna! I know what you mean, it blows my mind too.. every month I say WOW can you believe it's ___?! but it is.... and here we are 2 months away from 2014. Crazy.

    Fall has been so good! The weather is absolutely perfect. My staples have been leggings / jeans, light sweaters and booties.

    Have a beautiful weekend! xo

  2. Such a lovely casual look:)

    And a very happy November to you as well!