a quick trip to dc

 Here are some instagram shots of my recent visit to DC! The government shutdown closed down all of the national parks and museums which was a bummer because I wanted to take my little nephew there! This couple, which was one of many, had a wedding planned at a national park which was shutdown on their wedding day! Being in DC, you can really feel the affect of the shutdown, whereas somewhere else you probably wouldn't even know! I just hope everything gets better and that the parks open up again! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!   — Minna

Oct 9, 2013


  1. That's too bad that your trip coincided with the government shutdown -- I guess that's just an excuse to go back!

    LOVE the photos & it makes me want to plan a trip to DC soon!

    xo, B

  2. Bummer, I had a trip planned out west to a bunch of National Parks and Memorials - fortunately I didn't actually book anything so we were able to re-route up to Canada! Gorgeous alternative fortunately!

    As for D.C., your photos are gorgeous - It looks like there were hardly any crowds at least, that's a positive (?) haha, well at least they can't shutdown the gorgeous views of the city :)


  3. Gorgeous photos! Sucks to hear about the shutdown, i couldn't even imagine having our museums or national parks shut down in Australia. x

  4. your photos are gorgeous... ;)

  5. i really love your style of blogging, and was SO inspired as I read your about me section! truly lovely!

    xo, Kelsey Belle