visiting the garden

I love visiting the garden because I get so much inspiration out of nature's beauty. If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I doodle all the time, and most of my drawings are of plants. The smooth and curvy lines of the leaves, and the bright pops of color always stir up new ideas in my head. I took these photos when I was visiting Washington back in June. Anyone know of any good gardens near the DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia area? I need some inspiration!    — Minna 

Aug 15, 2013


  1. I really like going to the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Reston, VA! It's a fun place to explore :)

    1. oh awesome!! thank you so much! i'll try to go before summer ends (:

  2. I can't wait to go back to college so I can visit the botanical garden! this awakened my desire to be there!

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