three things

Woo hoo! It's friday! It sure was a busy week for me, it it's not gonna stop!
I am not sure how I will get any sleep this weekend because I am up to my eyeballs
in work, homework, etc, but I hope you all have a restful weekend! — Minna

P.S. I updated my portfolio yesterday, and I am adding more work that
i've done recently, so if you have the time, please check it out

Oct 12, 2012


  1. I want that cute.
    It's already Saturday in Indonesia, Have a nice weekend ^^

  2. Your portfolio is beautiful! Great job! You are a very talented girl. :)
    xo, Ella

  3. love your 3 things. i hope you get to relax even a little this weekend!

  4. What a cute, yet grown-up color palette. you have wonderful taste.

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