blue life summer 2012

I love this lookbook for Planet Blue; the photos are just so pretty!

P.S. There was a huge storm here on the eastcoast last friday! My power was out for several days, and boy was I scared! Thankfully the power returned yesterday, but there are still hundreds of people left without power in this 100 degree weather! There was a lot of damage that was left, so i'm just asking for your prayers for those that need help, thanks!

Jul 3, 2012


  1. So gorgeous!
    And I'm sending good thoughts to the people who do need help!

  2. beautiful photography indeed - love the beach setting and effortless looks!

    i live an hour from DC and still felt the brunt of the storm, too! i was fortunate not to lose power in my neighborhood but i have so many friends that did, and to be caught without power in 100 degree weather is no picnic. i'm glad your power returned :)

    1. oh no! well i'm happy for you that everything is alright where you are! hope your friends are doing okay now!

  3. Glad you like the look book! And PB is sending over good thoughts for everyone affected by the storm!

    Planet Blue