practicing my calligraphy...

I've always loved calligraphy. It's not something I have done for a long time, but it has become such a fun
hobby for me. I just love the way the the letters flow and it feels so natural and organic compared to  type.
Here are some doodles I made today during my morning! I hope you enjoy (:

This is one of the proofs I made for a custom stamp that you can purchase here!

Feb 21, 2012


  1. These are ADORABLE! I love your writing...did you do this on a tablet? I just got one for Christmas and I am loving every moment of it! xx -b.

    1. nope! just the old fashioned way, then scanned (:

  2. These are so lovely! You have a wonderful hand at calligraphy. (I totally had to pin the "hello" one - it's just so pretty!)