time for a haircut...

I'm getting a haircut this week! It's pretty long right now, and it hits right at the waist. I've always
wanted to have short hair but I always end up with a weird looking cut when I ask for it and I hate it! I'm always 
scared of that regret that you feel once you chop off all of your longs locks. Hopefully that won't happen
this time. I'm thinking of bringing a few pictures to make sure that it comes out the way I want it to.
What do you think; do you bring reference photos when you get your haircut?

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Jan 17, 2012


  1. I say go for 1. You can always add bangs later after you get used to having shorter hair.

  2. if you're thinking about cutting off a lot, you might consider donating to one of the foundations that makes wigs for cancer patients. The one I'm most familiar with is "Locks of Love." Long or short, I hope you find something fabulous!

  3. I just got the best cut I've ever gotten, but it isn't short, more mid-length. I went to Dolce Salon in Baltimore if you are anywhere nearby. I brought in a photo of Kate Middleton and sideswept bangs on a random model and the lady did a fabulous job for me.