new fujifilm instax camera for sale! (SOLD)

Hey everyone! I recently purchased a brand spankin' new camera! A white fujifilm mini instax 7
polaroid camera! It is an amazing camera, but I want it to go to a new owner that will get some good
use out of it (i've only used it once)! The camera looks exactly like the one pictured above, and it is so
cute and lovely! Oh! Also the camera will be sold with 9 new film sets (10 polaroids in each), as well
as several that is already inside the camera. The camera will come in it's original packaging too! For
the entire set, I will be selling it for $150; not including shipping (I bought it all for around $200).
If you are interested in purchasing this from me please send me an email!

* UPDATE: this camera has been sold!

Jan 15, 2012


  1. I got this for my birthday but I've only taken 3 photos. I feel like it's too precious to use haha.

  2. It's absolutely beautiful! I wish I had the money to buy it because I totally would, but being in, need I explain?

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    1. yes! are you interested in purchasing? please email me at:
      thanks! (: