some news + happy friday!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing week! It is finally the weekend and
I have been so busy lately, I need a break! Many of you don't know that I am moving
across the states in the middle of November ( From Oregon to Virginia )! I am nervous,
yet excited & I was hoping to hear some moving tips; I would appreciate it! Oh, by
the way, we are going to be driving the whole way, and i'm also bringing my dog, Chanel.

It will be a sad day when I leave Portland ):
( picture source: unknown )

ALSO! I recently opened a big cartel shop! I still have my etsy shop, so don't worry!
I just wanted to try something different and see what the difference was using a different website.
For my new shop, you can use the coupon code "GRANDOPENING" & get 15% off!

Oct 21, 2011


  1. I wasn't blogging for the longest time and so didn't read that you were moving and all the way across to the other side, that is brave.

    The last time I moved was from Vancouver to Portland and in a big truck, so I wouldn't be much help, except that if you can afford to have someone else pack everything for you then do it, it is worth it :)

    I know of a couple of other bloggers who have moved across the states in the past few months and they are both Victoria's :)

    I know she has dogs, she might have some advice for you, she is really sweet :)

    Then the other Victoria is a student and drives from one side of Canada to the other to go to school and she is really sweet too :)

    Hope that helps and good luck with the move!
    T. :)

  2. I live in Portland and my son lives in Virginia. It's a pretty state, although not as pretty as Oregon! Good luck on the drive!

  3. My only advice is to work on packing slowly, don't try to rush it at the last minute.

    I'm in Maryland, looking forward to having you as a (sorta) neighbor!!

  4. Oh gosh good luck on the move! I've always wanted to try out living in the East but don't think I can break away from the great PNW. I'm sure it will be a great adventure.

  5. minna - teal and teaOctober 21, 2011 at 6:18 PM

    thanks everyone for your tips & happy thoughts! reading your comments definitely makes me feel more at ease! (: