new stamps + happy friday!

Hey everyone! Remember my stamp shop, EatPrayCreate? It's been closed for a while since
i've been busy with the whole moving situation. Well, it has re-opened! But only for a week
or so since I will be actually moving by then. I only have four stamps listed, but once I close 
 will re-open on December 1st with lots of new designs, just in time for the holidays!

I will also be making custom stamps for weddings, parties, personal, etc.
If you are interested in purchasing one, let me know! I can do address stamps now too!

My new stamps are now made with sturdy red rubber, and mounted on maple mood!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone! My weekend will be spent packing for the move! Ahh!

P.S. Shabby Apple giveaway ends tomorrow! Don't forget to enter!

Oct 28, 2011


  1. These are GORGEOUS, Minna! I am in love with the "love" one, with the little hearts! Hope packing goes smoothly and isn't too stressful for ya!