pretty hair

Why is it that every time I chop my hair off, I regret it later. It's been a few months since I got a bob, and i've been trying to grow it out! I am waiting for the day that I get to put my hair up in a nice pretty bun! (:
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Aug 9, 2011


  1. Love it, this gave me some ideas on how to model some of my Bobby Pins on Etsy. I'm loving the braids!!


  2. Found you on the Etsy blog team and after this post, I'm definitely following you! I totally agree...I LOVE my long hair, I'll grow it out really long, and then get sick of it and chop it off on a whim, and then immediately regret it and have to grow it out all over again!

    These are adorable pictures, by the way!


  3. I'm trying to grow my hair out long, too! How is it that it never seems to grow when you want it to?

  4. I definitely know how you feel. I love my short hair cut until I see a beautiful photo of a long hairstyle and then I just want to grow it out again!