Off to Seattle Tomorrow (:

Tomorrow I am going to Seattle to go to my nephew's first birthday!
I am so excited to see him, because he is my first nephew ever!
He is a very big boy! Only 3% of babies are as big as he is at his age haha (:
Yesterday I went shopping with my mom to buy him a birthday gift.
We got him little converse shoes and puma shoes (:

Have a great day!
See you sunday (:

I love everything from briones + co (:
I especially like their wooden pencils.

Jul 30, 2010


  1. You sound like a lovely auntie ! Have fun in Seattle and with your little nephew and family.
    BTW what a beautiful blog you have. Saw you on the etsy forums and am following, hope you break the 100 mark :)
    Also hope that you might visit my blog and maybe follow me as well.

  2. I'm jealous of your Seattle trip. My "baby" (24 year old daughter) lives there - it's a long way from Phoenix. If you see a cute blonde with an armful of law books do please wave and tell her hello.

  3. Ahh...boys and men...they'll never understand the love and fascination ladies have for shoe-shopping, hahahaaha...

    But! Stopping by from Etsy to show moral support for fellow crafters. And a happy birthday to your 'big' nephew. :)