Stamp Carving Tutorial

Hello everyone! I've been requested to do a stamp tutorial many times so here it is! I hope it's easy to understand, please comment any questions you may have. Thanks (:

I use:
speedball linoleum cutter
staedtler mastercarve block

+ click to enlarge

1. draw design on carving block using pencil
2. cut out with x-acto knife
3. begin carving using speedball cutter (carve everything but pencil outline)

This is your final product (:

Carving stamps get easier the more you practice, and I hope this tutorial will help you get started on a new hobby (:

Feb 18, 2010


  1. What timing! I just purchased all these supplies yesterday for one of my costuming classes and had yet to begin. Thanks for the post!

  2. Same for me - I was just thinking about made one. Thanks a lot! How many different cutters did you use on this one?

  3. I used 2 types, the smallest one was for the details, and i used the big fat one to cut out the large areas. Thank you for your comments! I hope this helps (:

  4. Thank you for explanation! I have another question :) These semi-circles on the bottom of the umbrella: did you use a some sort of semi-circle shaped tool or just cutting around the line with a pointy one?

  5. Yes I used the smallest one, just make sure to follow your outline (:
    I would love to see how your stamps turn out!